12 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Written on 14.06.24

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12 Benefits of Managed Print Services

Have you been considering outsourcing your company’s printing infrastructure? Managed Print Services (MPS) are a comprehensive solution. They involve outsourcing the management of your printing devices, such as printers, copiers and scanners to a third-party provider. This allows your business to focus on your core operations while leaving the task of managing and maintaining your printing infrastructure to the experts. MPS providers offer a range of services including supply management, device monitoring, maintenance and repair and cost optimisation. In this article we take a look at the benefits.

Reduced costs

Leveraging an MPS can reduce your printing costs by up to 40%.  MPS providers will optimise printer usage, monitor print volumes and provide insights into printing costs. They can also reduce the number of printers in use, which can lead to lower hardware and maintenance costs. A tailored MPS will organise all your document requirements under one single agreement that includes a one-off monthly fee to cover all service provisions. This means the costs associated with stockpiling unused inventory are avoided.

Reduced capital expenditure

MPS programmes are also a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new printers outright. The cost of buying a fleet of print devices can be unfeasibly high, yet cost-per-copy pricing strategies with leased print hardware are ideal for organisations who dread the idea of a large upfront cost for technology every three to five years.

Improved productivity

Using an MPS to handle all aspects of your print environment frees up your valuable time and resources. The optimisation of print hardware and software, as well as the automation in service delivery, from regular preventative maintenance engineer visits to just-in-time (JIT) replacement toner, can vastly improve your organisation’s productivity and overall document capabilities.

Reduced IT department burden

Managed print services can also take the pressure off your IT staff so they can focus on more critical tasks, such as network security and business-critical applications. Experienced MPS technicians will understand your entire fleet’s unique functions.

Increased efficiency

The amount of time staff spend on printer-related tasks is hard to quantify but can be up to as much as 460 minutes per day! An MPS will identify any inefficiencies and have measures in place to reduce the hidden waste of staff time incurred on day-to-day print maintenance tasks. MPS suppliers use a range of technologies to streamline printing processes and optimise the printer fleet. They can provide automated workflows, mobile printing and document management solutions that will enable your businesses to reduce printing time and costs.

Reduced environmental impact

Reducing the volume of electricity, print consumables and paper are all part of an organisation’s corporate social responsibility. MPS providers can provide solutions that help your business to reduce paper consumption, energy usage, and waste. This not only benefits the environment but can also lead to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Reduced waste

MPS programmes offer specialist device monitoring software so that you can identify and track your levels of print usage as a method of reducing waste. Print policies can also be introduced that set default printing procedures, such as mono or double-sided printing, resulting in less colour and less paper usage. Follow-me printing can also ensure that print jobs are only released when staff log into the print device and select to print the job themselves.

Easier digital transformation

Through MPS, your business can transition from traditional, paper-based workflows to digital processes, reducing reliance on physical documents and enabling seamless collaboration among teams. MPS offer advanced features such as cloud integration, mobile printing and document management solutions, which align perfectly with the goals of digital transformation. Integration with cloud-based solutions also allows for seamless access to printing resources from anywhere, facilitating collaboration among remote teams and enabling efficient document management.

Enhanced information security

MPS providers can also implement security solutions that protect confidential data and prevent unauthorised access. They can provide secure printing solutions that require authentication before printing, as well as monitor print output to prevent data breaches. This might include recommending printer sign-in procedures to minimise documents being stolen from output trays. An MPS print security plan could also advise on installing multi-functional print devices with automatic hard drive wiping software and network-level solutions to reduce the risk of information being retrieved by hackers.

Expert support and maintenance

By working with an MPS provider you can gain access to specialised print management expertise, ensuring that your printing infrastructure is optimised for efficiency and performance. Regular maintenance and updates are provided by the MPS provider, ensuring that printing equipment is kept in optimal condition and that software solutions are up to date with the latest features and security patches. Should any issues arise, you can rely on dedicated support teams to promptly troubleshoot and resolve printing issues, minimising disruptions to workflow and productivity.

Scalable print infrastructure

If you are looking to scale your printing infrastructure due to changing needs such as rapid growth, seasonal variations or downsizing, working with an MPS is a good solution. An MPS can adapt to accommodate these shifts without the need for significant capital investment or infrastructure overhauls. This scalability ensures that you can optimise your printing resources efficiently, avoiding underutilisation or over-provisioning of equipment.

Flexibility to changing needs

Ultimately, MPS programmes provide the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs, from adding or removing printers to adjusting printing volume and routing print jobs efficiently. MPS offer inherent flexibility by providing access to a diverse range of printing technologies and solutions.

The bottom line

It’s clear to see that MPS offer a multitude of benefits ranging from reduced costs and improved productivity to enhanced security and scalability. By leveraging MPS, your business can streamline  printing operations, reduce waste and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

If you’re looking to unlock the full potential of your business and optimise your printing operations, you may want to consider implementing MPS.

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