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Keeping your organisation's print infrastructure secure and your customer's minds at ease with Data Protection and GDPR services.

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An introduction to our Data Protection and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in today’s digital landscape is not just a legal obligation but a testament to your dedication to customer trust. Our team is dedicated to integrating resilient security measures seamlessly into your printing and scanning processes. By doing so, we guarantee that your document management and storage practices are not only compliant but strengthened against any potential risks.

Rest assured, with Aurora’s expertise by your side, your business will thrive in an environment of data integrity and uncompromised security. Your peace of mind is our driving force, knowing that your sensitive data remains shielded from vulnerabilities.

Details of your obligations under the Data Protection Act can be found on the government website.

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The Right to Access and Eradicate Your Data

Did you know that your employees and clients have the right to access and control their personal information? This also applies to personal data stored for use in an organisation’s printing and scanning environment, such as the username, email addresses, file names and related print & scan statistics. How about when an employee leaves and you want their data gone?

Our solutions let you easily access data upon request that is compliant and secure, to generate reports, as well as erasing data from print and scan areas, keeping you in control. We’re here to simplify your data power!

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Data Protection

Ever been concerned that printed documents left on the printer out-tray could fall into the wrong hands. This is, of course a breach in GDPR, and certain procedures need to be implemented across all business processes to protect your personal data, which also includes printing and scanning procedures.

Aurora’s expertise in secure scanning and printing processes, ensure ironclad data security. By introducing secure measures, such as encryption, access controls, and regular audits, unauthorised access to your data becomes impossible.

Have you considered the data security and GDPR compliancy of all your scanned and printed documents? If not, we can guide you through the effortless process that our range of solutions offer.

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Enhancing Data Processing Security

Addressing the security challenges of handling personal data within print and scan environments demands a multifaceted strategy. This involves more than just secure data transfer and storage—it calls for resilience, the ability to recover, deft incident response, well-trained employees, adept vendor oversight, routine evaluations, and an audit trail to track document access and revisions.

At Aurora, we specialise in guiding your business to adopt this all-encompassing method, assuring the sanctity of your data and compliance.

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Rapid Detection and Reporting of Data Breaches

In the event of a data breach, its mandatory, within GDPR regulation, to report it to the relevant supervisory authority within a mere 72 hours. This requires an in-depth report on the breach itself and the possible reverberations it might trigger.

It’s worth noting that despite the digital age, a surprising number of data breaches still originate from the physical realm of paper-based systems ingrained within businesses. Therefore it is vital to have MPS and MDS plans in place to respond quickly and effectively. Aurora can help you on the path to minimising potential breaches and optimise your data security.

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