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Outsource the management of your organisation's print infrastructure with our portfolio of trusted solutions and hardware.

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An introduction to Our Print Solutions

Aurora Managed Solutions are at the forefront of modernising and transforming print management. We are proud to work with some of the best names in the industry, Canon, Konica Minolta, Lexmark and Ricoh to name a few. Our close partnerships enable us to provide bespoke print solutions. We continuously adapt our print service offerings based on what you need most right now.

Our Services

Cloud Print

Cloud printing is the technology that enables printers to be accessed over a network through cloud computing. Allowing you to print your documents securely and efficiently from anywhere. Safeguard your confidential data by storing it securely in the cloud, while still maintaining easy accessibility from any device, no matter where you are!

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Secure Print

With secure print release or ‘pull printing’ functionality, users will only ever print what they need when and where it is needed. This means that the organisation has increased security without wasting time or resources on unnecessary pages in documents being printed out for any reason other than completion of work.

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Mobile Print

With mobile working, your staff can now print from any device at the press of a button. This ultimately leads to faster workflows and greater productivity for you as an organisation – all with less cost!

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It’s essential to understand how much it costs your business. Print reporting provides valuable insights into printing costs and usage patterns, allowing you to make informed decisions about printing and control costs. These reports can be automated so that regular usage reports can be in front of the end-users and administrators.

Track printing costs and identify areas where you can reduce costs. By monitoring printing activities and analysing print data, you can identify inefficient printing practices and take action to reduce printing costs and reduce waste.

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