Brexit Statement


The UK will leave the EU on 31st October 2019. As we approach this date, the big question is whether the UK will leave with a negotiated withdrawal agreement or not.

At this point, there is an impasse between the UK and the EU on the withdrawal agreement and the possibility of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit cannot be ignored by any company.

What are Aurora doing to prepare?

The successful supply of products and services to our customers is our number one priority.

We are monitoring the Brexit situation and are maintaining a flexible approach.

We have been studying what it would mean to our customers if we were to be in a ‘No Deal’ Brexit situation at the end of March and are regularly evaluating potential risks while developing robust contingency plans.

We are also working very closely with our key suppliers and partners and are confident that there will be minimal disruption, if any, to our supply chain. A large proportion of the hardware supplied to our customers is on a local basis. This means the sale of products occurs between the manufacturer, Aurora and our clients in the same country (the UK).

However, as part of the dialogue we’ve been having, and in order to do everything possible to maintain a reliable supply of consumables and parts, in case the supply chain should be disrupted temporarily, particularly in the weeks following 30th March 2019, all of our major suppliers have been, and are, increasing stock levels in the UK. Some are also arranging additional storage facilities, and others are also working with logistics and transport suppliers to examine different transport routes between Europe and UK in order to avoid routes where delays are expected.

What does this mean for Aurora’s customers?

As the vast majority of our customers are based in the UK, and we are registered and based in the UK, nothing significant will change between us in terms of our commercial relationship (contracts, billing, etc).

We have been assured from our major suppliers that we, and in turn you, our valued customers, should not be concerned about product or service availability.

We’re also pleased to say that Brexit should have no impact on our internal human resources and customers should continue to expect to deal with all the same personnel at Aurora once Brexit takes place.

We hope the outlined above gives you some reassurances that we have plans in place to mitigate any impact as far as possible, but if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.