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An Introduction to Unified Communications

Unified Communications offers many benefits and is an excellent way to stay connected with your team, clients or customers. With a range of services to meet your needs, we’re here for you when it comes time to get work done. We offer everything from instant messaging and presence information all the way down through to desktop sharing or data transfer in order to make sure that nothing gets left out!

Unified Communications

Instant Messaging & Presence Information

Instant Messenger services make it easy, allowing users to access through any device they happen to use – including mobile apps! Not only that, set up presence information so everyone knows your status in real-time.

instant messaging

Web & Video Conferencing

With the use of video calling software, you can conduct virtual sessions with people from all over the world in real-time through an internet connection without having any physical presence on-site.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Desktop & Data Sharing

When you need to share your desktop with others, there’s no better way than through a shared network connection. It doesn’t matter if they’re on-site or off – all users will be able to view the same screen in real-time without any problem! The same applies to data sharing, you can securely share data whilst offering transparency and openness.

data sharing

Call Control

We provide a number of call control services to help you manage your business more effectively and efficiently. Whether it be for local or international calls, our solutions will meet all needs with ease!

Horizon Contact
call control

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Fixed-mobile convergence refers to the process of having a single phone number for both work and personal use. It’s important because it allows you more freedom when making calls.

Microsoft Teams on Phone

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