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Access Control Systems

At Aurora, we provide security and smart building management. Offering a suite of access control systems, that enable users to see the full picture of the health and safety of their environments through connected security devices.

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An Introduction to Our Access Control Systems

Aurora’s Access Control Systems, where security meets efficiency. Our state-of-the-art access control solutions offer advanced protection for your premises, ensuring only authorised personnel can access designated areas. With seamless integration and easy management, you can have complete control over access points and monitor activities in real-time. Trust in our reliable and customisable systems to enhance your security measures and streamline building management. Join countless satisfied clients who rely on Aurora for top-notch access control solutions, and take the first step towards securing your premises with confidence.

Access Control

Access Control Systems

Hybrid Cloud Video Security

Aurora’s line of hybrid cloud security cameras combine powerful edge–based processing with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing. With Aurora’s hybrid cloud architecture, cameras analyse events in real–time, while simultaneously leveraging Aurora’s industry–leading computer vision technology for instantaneous insights that bring speed and efficiency to incident investigations.

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Aurora’s Intercom solution allows organisations to enhance security and answer calls from anywhere with sharp video, clear audio, four smart receiver methods and intuitive management and security tools in Aurora Command.

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Access Control

Aurora Access Control combines enterprise–grade access control with a powerful, cloud-based management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure and ready for scale. Starting with Aurora’s Access Controller, users are able to bring plug–and–play simplicity to managing doors and access across their organisation. Access Controllers work with your building’s existing door hardware and readers

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Access Control


Aurora Alarms provides organisations with the tools to detect and respond to threats in real time, including 24/7 professional video monitoring, intrusion sensors, deterrence devices and wireless panic buttons.


Guest and Mailroom

Aurora Guest is a visitor management system that provides guests with a seamless experience from arrival to departure, while also strengthening building security. Visitors can enjoy a welcoming and seamless experience with features like touchless check–in, simple document signing and automatic host notifications

Mailroom helps customers manage and control the flow of deliveries across all of their facilities so that inventory, supplies and deliveries get to the right people at the right time. By doing so, Mailroom helps protect our customer’s assets.

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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Aurora’s all-in-one Air Quality Sensors offer a convenient way to monitor indoor air quality and potentially improve overall wellbeing, while also providing an extra layer of safety through features such as vape detection. Indoor air quality (IAQ) plays a significant role in our health and comfort, and these sensors can help your business stay informed about pollutants, allergens, and even vaping emissions, allowing you to take proactive measures for a healthier indoor environment.

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