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Unlock seamless connectivity with Aurora Data Services, including Phone lines and Broadband for business.

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An Introduction to Our Data Services

With Aurora’s comprehensive data connectivity solutions, you can experience the power of cutting-edge data connectivity options with Aurora. From lightning-fast fiber broadband solutions to secure MPLS connections, we offer a wide array of services to cater to businesses of all sizes. Stay connected, access critical information, and collaborate seamlessly with your team, all while enhancing productivity.


Data Services

Fibre Broadband

Say goodbye to buffering and slow loading times. Aurora’s fiber broadband takes your internet experience to a whole new level with its lightning-fast speeds. Whether you’re a small business looking to boost productivity or need seamless streaming across multiple devices, our fiber broadband delivers the performance you need.

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Leased Line

Leased lines provide the scalability your business needs to meet increasing demands and accommodate future growth. With their ability to handle higher bandwidth capacities, you can seamlessly add more users, devices, and services to your network without compromising on performance.

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MPLS VPLS (Site to Site)

Welcome to the future of connectivity, where your internet connection is ever-present and accessible from any location. Say hello to MPLS VPLS (Site to Site) technology, the revolutionary solution that makes this dream a reality! Whether your business has multiple offices spread across the globe or you simply desire seamless connectivity for remote workers, MPLS VPLS empowers you with a secure and efficient network.

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Want to discuss the possibilities of Data Services?

Want to know more about our experience-led approach? Have a business challenge you want to discuss? Need advice from an expert? The Aurora ICT Team is ready and waiting to support you.

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