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Aurora Enterprise: Automating complicated business processes with secure, sustainable and flexible workplace solutions.

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An Introduction to Aurora Enterprise

We believe in Tech for the planet, tech for good, and tech for tomorrow.

Our Enterprise Team at Aurora Managed Services consistently endeavours to future-proof work processes. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, we enable businesses to stay ahead. With a comprehensive suite of services, Aurora ensures its clients have the necessary tools and expertise to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the face of technological advances.

We are dedicated to harnessing technology’s potential to improve society at large. Our Division has spearheaded projects addressing pressing social challenges and recognises the urgent need to protect and rebuild the environment. By promoting sustainable practices and offering eco-friendly technology solutions, Aurora empowers organisations to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

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Managed Outsourced Services

The Aurora Enterprise team will help your business address hybrid work challenges by outsourcing tasks such as document management, printing, and imaging. It is a popular strategy for organisations seeking to focus on core operations and delegate non-core.

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Managed Document Services

Aurora's Managed Workplace Services are customised to fit your needs. The Managed Document Services we offer improve business performance and employee productivity through proactive monitoring, on-site and remote support. Our services streamline and automate office document processes, enhancing business processes.

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Managed ICT Services

Our Managed ICT Services improve data compliance, free up time for important tasks, and address technical issues across multiple devices and locations. We offer Desktop as a Service, Managed Security, Managed Network, Identity, Access Management, and Managed Hosting to meet your needs while avoiding hardware costs.

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Managed Outsourced Services

Hybrid Mail

Communication is key in business, and keeping your physical lines of communication flowing cannot be forgotten when your staff are working remotely or a hybrid model of office and home. By digitising your mail ‘at the letterbox’ with Aurora Business Mail Services, we offer a secure, easy-to-use alternative that allows invoices and other documents to be sent out with a click of a button from any ERP or desktop application we can help your organisation on its journey to a more streamlined, smart and digital approach to your mail and postal processes.​

Aurora Business Mail is a ‘desktop to doorstep’ solution allowing you to send letters directly to your recipients from your PC or laptop. The simple process can save your organisation hours, allowing your staff to focus on more business-critical tasks. Your documents are processed in our secure mailing facility by trained professional document handlers.

Digital Mailroom

The digital inbox is not only an advantage when it comes to distributing traditional post to various locations, but also enables employees who are working from mobile locations, to access their post anywhere. 

With digital mailroom, long wait times are a thing of the past. Employees are now accustomed to being able to access 99% of their workload remotely. Receiving your mail is now no different.  

As workforces become more disparate, it’s important to ensure your business processes and documents can be accessed from anywhere. Ideally, employees should be able to access all their work-related information through a dedicated workforce app so they can be truly location-independent.

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Document Scanning & Data Capture

As documents pile up, and office space becomes restricted, document scanning is an effective way of ensuring paper-based documents are digitised. We specialise in the scanning and digitisation of all types of office documents with production facilities across the UK. Working with some of the UK’s leading brands, we are a trusted scanning partner with security and quality at our core.

As organisational processes have shifted, traditional methods of storing sensitive documents in paper-based systems are becoming outdated. Organisations are now required to understand what data lies within archive paper records to ensure compliance and prevent the risk of data loss and breaches of paper confidentiality.

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Digital Storefront

Aurora Storefront Web to Print Platform is a management tool that allows complete control of your print procurement processes and we believe it is simply the best on the market.

This fully integrated system makes digital asset management and web-ordering solutions accessible anywhere, on any device. And, because it ensures that everything for your print job is contained within one system, it benefits from the highest levels of security.

One feature that sets it apart from other systems is that it enables a full audit trail on every aspect of your job, resulting in meaningful reporting.

Imagine the time and cost saved by not having to email different file versions of the same job backwards and forwards as it is proofed and amended. 

Digital Print

As our world has dramatically changed, the need to print on a large scale cost-effectively remains the same. ​​

Our digital print service takes your information and images directly from the computer and brings them to life. Whether you need full colour pages or to test several different formats for your project, our digital printing service provides a quick and efficient turnaround for however much you need, without compromising quality.

Design & Creative Print Services

Bring your ideas and concepts to life with end to end creative solutions, assisting in all areas of visual communication, continually pushing the boundaries. There’s no end to our creative capabilities, with our highly experienced design team on hand to deliver something unique and lasting!

Having an impact through traditional print materials can seem like a difficult task for organisations of all sizes. Finding a creative print agency that can bring an idea to life and own the end-to-end process of delivery all under one roof can seem like an unrealistic request. As business deadlines become tighter, working with multiple organisations to deliver an end-to-end solution can be stressful and expensive.

Our Print Software Partners

Managed Document Services


ARMS (Aurora Remote Management Services) provides you with a pro-active and comprehensive support platform, utilising market-leading software to ensure we deliver the most advanced managed service available, enabling your organisation to achieve greater uptime across all your print and IT devices!

ARMS is quick, simple and secure to implement. Once installed, the application will automatically begin to receive the data as per the agreed frequency. The collected data is then analysed to formulate a bespoke service management for your organisation.

Once implemented, ARMS enables remote monitoring of your assets under the Workspace Services, providing pro-active maintenance and support.

By taking this proactive and holistic approach to managing your print infrastructure, our print services can help automate many aspects of your business, reduce costs and provide valuable insights into your processes.

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Scan & Document Workflows

It is increasingly important for businesses to be data compliant; therefore, security concerns around hard copy documents must be addressed. This is especially important for organisations that rely on paper documents. For compliance, scanned documents are beneficial; however, if a business is going paperless, scanning can be time consuming and filing documents can reduce employee productivity. Additionally, going paperless can be costly and a time commitment


Process Automation

Go paperless! Boost team productivity with a user-friendly document solution

If your team is remote, in the office, or a hybrid of both, you need documents to move securely and automatically to the right employees at the right time. Our Source to Pay and order to cash solution for Finance and our Low code AI process automation services for all areas of your business process automation. Taking the manual process of routing and managing documents (both paper and digital) and streamlines it into a centralised, workflow automation engine.

With process management and a suitable process management system deployed companies can automate any workflow that drives important business processes. The potential for new levels of effectiveness and employee satisfaction is very high and ultimately, the entire company benefits from error-free and efficient workflows.


Data Management

Data & Content Management goes hand in glove with Process Automation.

Organisations — regardless of industry — process vast amounts of documents in both digital and paper form. In fact, the average office/hybrid worker alone uses 10,000 sheets of paper, annually.

Apply this statistic to an organisation of a 100 or even 500 employees, and you quickly begin to appreciate the volume of documents moving through organisations.

The chances are your organisation is no different.

You probably recognise the inefficiencies of managing all these documents, and that tedious manual processes are impacting productivity. You likely also acknowledge that there must be a better way.

High Volume Print

Aurora High Volume Print solutions are a more specialised arm of Aurora Print Services.

By offering multi-brand, industry-leading production print devices alongside our workspace solutions, we enable Enterprise CRD (Central Reprographic Departments), Postrooms, alike to eliminate multiple unnecessary touch points from your operations. 

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Our Print Hardware Customers

Managed ICT Services

Data Sanitisation

As organisations grow and technology evolves, ‘end of life’ legacy equipment can hinder employee’s productivity. What do you do with old IT equipment that is now no longer required? We specialise in ‘end of life’ device removal, to ensure your data is protected with data sanitisation. Is redundant IT equipment a security concern for your business? Look no further, we have it covered.

As Digital Transformation and the emergence of hybrid working has disrupted organisations IT infrastructure, organisations have been forced to invest in new hardware for employees to remain productive whilst working out from home. This has caused an uplift in old and redundant hardware that no longer fits the organisation’s requirements, but what are organisations supposed to do with this hardware to dispose of it securely?


Having a secure environment is now the number one priority for every business leader, as the demand for increasing productivity and growth, and the threat of potential attack, is increasing security spending by up to 25%.

More businesses than ever are utilising cloud technologies to make them agile, future-proof and more productive, but these modern ways of working present challenges that can leave IT departments exposed.

Your risk profile will vary depending on the industry you’re in, which is why at Aurora, we like to have the complete end-to-end view of any threat


In today’s climate, organisations cannot go without reliable network security. But implementing stable technology that meets your specific requirements can come with its own challenges, which is why we have the experience and expertise to take away this headache.

We know that all organisations need to have a robust firewall combined with effective data security to protect their data and systems, and why we offer a range of solutions to provide you with security for your IT infrastructure.

Even if you use a mix of on-premise, private, and public cloud-based networking, our experience means managing these isn’t a challenge. We know networking, so you can eliminate the headache from these issues.


Aurora Microsoft licensing services will save you money and give you a host of additional benefits which make your licences even better value for money.

Licences bought through Aurora can be cheaper than buying from software vendors, directly. We also provide you with a Customer Success Manager who will give user training, either onsite or via live webinar, and promotional material to encourage user adoption, all totally free of charge.

As part of our licensing services, we sell licenses for a range of on premises, server and cloud products. Charity, Academic, Government and Corporate licenses are all available.

Managed Collaboration​

Following the prominence of remote work, many companies are benefiting from the increased efficiency that comes with video conferencing. By communicating through video calls, multi-office companies are able to make decisions more quickly than ever before – enabling them to reduce task completion time and increase productivity.

However, communication can be disrupted by bad room acoustics, limited availability of quality hardware, and complicated software setup. This is where a Managed Collaboration Solution (MCS) comes in.

Completely scalable to fit a variety of room sizes, these solutions feature hardware that is easy to install, with software that can be set up with little technical expertise required. 



Stuck with legacy systems that are slowing down your IT? What about old technology that is still in place despite being past due for retirement?

Not only is this type of infrastructure slow and clunky, it also affects your organisation’s productivity and overall effectiveness – not to mention the expensive upkeep this kind of infrastructure requires.

Whatever the nature of your IT infrastructure, from physical hardware (servers, cabling etc.) and network (such as firewalls etc.), we can assess what you have and implement an optimised solution that works for your organisation.



Aurora offer a range of Unified Communications, Mobile and Connectivity services, providing robust and secure end-to-end business communication and collaboration solutions that enable businesses to easily collaborate internally whilst also providing a better customer experience.

Our services portfolio broadly comprises the following:

Strategic services: Collaboration, Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking and Inbound Call Control services.

Enabling services: Ethernet, Broadband, Network and Mobile.

Traditional services: Calls and Lines.

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End User Services​

Transforming your business is about more than just technology updates or modernising hardware. It’s ensuring your staff are fully productive – not held back by out of date systems and counterintuitive processes – and able to get the most out of the resources you have.  

They must be able to work seamlessly across multiple devices and locations, safe in the knowledge that all data is fully secure.  And as part of our dedication to enabling this for you, our End User Compute service integrates users into their IT environment. 

We start by looking at where and how your teams operate, how they need technology to support them, and then work with you to develop an End User strategy that’s aligned with your business needs and objectives.  

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