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Written on 01.12.22

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We are delighted to have recently launched our new Solutions Hub at our Hertford Headquarters. It is a dedicated space and centre for our customers to see first-hand how document workflow solutions can work for them and help their businesses become more productive, efficient as well as having an incredible impact on their bottom line.

Customers can expect to see a selection of MFDs from our product range – a Canon Advance C257i, Ricoh IMC2000 and a Konica Minolta C300i. We will be demonstrating alongside these quality printers, software’s such as, PaperCut, Uniflow, ECopy, DocNav, Efalia File Director, Docuware, SmartSoft, Efalia Mapping and Paxton Net2. These software’s are some of the best in workflow solutions and can help organisations’ operational activities run a lot smoother and work smarter for them.

Aurora Managed Services Hertford Office Solutions Hub. Printers and screen in a room with a sofa, chairs and a table


Why are solutions important to a business?

Our solutions cover the breadth of any organisation’s vital day to day operations in print, scan, document management, data capture and security and are all completely scalable. These factors are so important in this new economy of hybrid working, where businesses have been downsizing physical premises, and upsizing their online presence, to now accommodate remote working.

However, with this new landscape comes new challenges – Typical issues that businesses are now encountering relate to document management – How can documents be easily traced, located, and stored electronically and centrally, without the implications of a security breach? That is where our flexible professional service solutions can offer organisation’s peace of mind.

As Businesses no longer need to physically handle documents as much, this presents new opportunities to save costs, time, and energy, if delivered correctly.

What solutions do we offer?

Managed Scan Solutions

Our Managed Scan Solutions are designed to eliminate the handling of inbound and outbound paper-based documents. It’s electronic delivery increases efficiency in all departments with fast and accurate distribution, as documents can be centrally scanned and distributed, reducing the need for physical mail and the manual processes involved. This has the obvious benefit of lowering operational, print, and stationary costs and greatly improves traceability and accountability through the better control of documents in any organisation.

Managed Document and Workflow Solutions

Document Management solutions convert your company’s documents, email, invoices, contracts, etc., into valuable and manageable resources. This system eliminates lost and duplicate documents, all the while, enhancing document security and policies, and can seamlessly integrate ERP, MDS and Finance systems. This process has the great advantage of reducing costs and labour-intensive processes by using data extraction.

Package Labels

Our software for package labels allows you to create package labels and print in-house on any printing system. It manages the production of all the documents, invoices, quotes, labels and statements so that the content is preserved, streamlining information. This software effectively reduces operating costs and can adapt to the growth of your business.

Security Solutions – Managed Door Access Solutions

Designed to make the management of any building very simple, this is a software-based system providing real time information on who is in your building. This software is fully managed via PC on an easy-to-use platform, that is entirely scalable. It offers the benefit of full reporting for HR, payroll, Fire/Emergency Roll call, and Security and can be integrated with existing ID cards or cards provided for dual door entry and ID. It also includes CCTV and intruder alarm integration for added security.

We are constantly evolving at Aurora to best serve our customer’s needs, and a key ethos of ours is to remain flexible and adaptive to our customer’s ever-changing requirements. The hub represents a place, where we will be able to demonstrate this ethos, as customers will be able to see how we have kept up with customer demand to improve workflow processes, increase cost savings and sustainability by also incorporating workflow solutions alongside their MFD’s or even as a stand-alone product for their existing systems.

Whether you want to upgrade your software to centrally manage documents, reduce consumable costs and/or access documents remotely and securely, we’ll have a solution for your business. Come and visit us at our solutions hub and see how your workflow processes can work better for you.

For more information on an array of various workflow solutions, arrange a visit or call us on 020 7503 3000 or e-mail at