Aurora’s Office Supplies’ Offers Two New Services

Written on 18.05.23

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Why not start the beginning of Summer with two new good habits for your company. Aurora’s Office Supplies’ offers two new services that will not only support your ESG strategy but help the health and well-being of your staff and the planet. 

You’ll be relieved to know that Aurora’s Office Supplies offers two new services in fruit and milk delivery and waste management services  

Aurora’s Fruit and Milk Delivery Service  

Our fruit and milk delivery service, also specialises in coffee deliveries, as well as supplying and maintaining your business’ coffee machines. We pride ourselves on offering conscientious businesses, high quality barista coffee, without ever having to leave the office, and combined with our milk delivery, your employees will never be short of frothy lattes or cappuccinos. 

You will be able to treat all of your staff to a healthy snack box. It is the perfect way to support health and wellbeing, while providing a delicious nutritious treat for your employees. This will ensure that your staff get at least part or all of their five a day with one of our bespoke corporate fruit baskets.  

Aurora's Office Supplies' Two New Services

Our ultimate goal is to help companies increase productivity, enhance morale and promote a happy, healthy workplace, while keeping costs low, by using fruit as the medium. 

Click to see our food and drink options 

Aurora’s Waste Management Service 

Our Recycling and waste management services makes it as simple as possible to suit every business’ needs, by implementing innovative tech to deliver a hassle-free, low impact, reliable service that’s good for your business, as well as the planet.  

With our zero – landfill approach, your business is bound to be on the roadmap to meeting some of its ESG goals, supported by our own. For example, our collection vehicles are low-emission, and they work with over 300 suppliers throughout the UK to help deliver planet loving waste solutions. 

Food waste

Roughly 45% of the UK’s waste gets recycled, with the majority of the rest being sent to landfill or incinerated. These processes contribute to the release of greenhouse gases, which in turn have a huge impact on the ozone layer and global warming. By recycling and reusing as much waste as possible – with the goal of working towards a circular economy – We can ensure that anything that can’t be recycled is then used to generate green energy. 

Click to see our Aurora Office Recycle options: 

Aurora are exceptionally proud to welcome these two new environmentally and socially conscious service offerings on board, to work with businesses to achieve their own sustainability goals.  

These two new services align perfectly with Aurora’s ethos of working towards a cleaner, greener and sustainable future, as well as the promotion of people’s health and well-being. We’re excited to offer other businesses the same opportunity. 

For more information on Aurora’s fruit and milk delivery or waste management services, call us on 0333 241 3344 or e-mail at