Automate your Accounts Payable Process with Ricoh

Written on 01.02.24

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A Revolutionary Solution

It’s time to reimagine your approach to AP with a revolutionary solution brought to you by Aurora. A system that automates and optimises your entire accounts payable workflow. Explore the transformative power of cutting-edge software, designed to streamline your AP systems by integrating paper invoices, email approvals and even legacy green screen systems. Preventing the hidden costs that come with traditional methods.

Imagine a world where document management workflows not only enhance accuracy but also release significant savings, allowing your finance team to shift their focus to strategic initiatives. This innovative solution doesn’t just promise to do more with less, it’s pre-configured and tailored specifically to your business, integrating with existing systems without the need for expert knowledge.One of our long-standing partners, Ricoh, provides a solution that enables one system to handle your AP workflow processing, without the worry of unrecorded data or manipulation. Ensuring deeper control over cash flow whilst improving relationships with key suppliers. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional AP processes and step into a future where efficiency is the norm.


Why Automate Accounts Payable?

Improve Process Efficiency and Accuracy

DocuWare shapes invoice management by automating the capture and storage of invoices in a centralised, searchable repository. With pre-programmed workflows, the system efficiently routes invoices to the appropriate contacts for approval. Additionally, DocuWare conducts thorough verification, promptly alerting users to discrepancies, such as duplications or illegitimate invoices. This significantly reduces the time and costs associated with manual processes while enhancing financial integrity and operational efficiency.

Control Cashflow in Real-time

Revolutionise the way you manage your cash flow, forecast future finances, and generate reports with the DocuWare software. Gain a deeper understanding of your business both in the present and the future. Dive into detailed reporting that not only enhances cash visibility but also empowers you to optimise cash management. Keep a keen eye on supplier performance, and probe vendor claims regarding return on investment by examining total spend.

Make Faster, Better Strategic Decisions

Experience streamlined efficiency with Ricoh’s (Docuware) centralised and searchable repository, providing your team with an overview of the complete audit trail process. Instantly cross-check the details of any invoice, from when it was recorded to its current location to the last person who accessed it. This not only reduces auditing time but also eliminates the majority of inquiries. With self-service access granted to employees, finance, and suppliers, stay in control by effortlessly tracking invoice and payment status. Empowering your team with unparalleled visibility and accessibility.

Greater Financial Control 

DocuWare provides full and accurate documentation of every business transaction, allowing you to effortlessly trace a transparent audit trail for reporting. Unlike traditional methods that only capture booked records, our partner’s solution enables related emails, letters or contracts to be submitted in seconds. The check in/check-out document management feature guarantees that only the latest documents are referenced, eliminating gaps in tracking.


How Does it Work?

Transform your organisation in three simple steps, creating limitless possibilities with Aurora. Capture incoming invoices and intelligent indexing. Provide a central, secure home for every invoice, where all data is instantly searchable and leverage fast, flexible workflows to ensure complete alignment with your approval process.This integrated approach enables a smooth transformation that enhances efficiency. At Aurora we are a reliable and trustworthy partner, maintaining the highest standards of service whilst focusing on quality, innovation and the needs of our customers. By working alongside our trusted partners we can provide solutions that open up new horizons for your organisation.

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