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We offer a wide range of data services

If you’re looking for the best of the breed, then it’s time to call upon Aurora. They have everything from fibre broadband solutions (including Copper cables) all way down through VPLS and MPLS connections that will suit all needs!


Data Services Explained

Fibre Broadband

Fibre Broadband

With fibre broadband, you can enjoy the fastest internet connection with no speed restrictions and crystal clear streaming.

Leased Line

Leased Line

Leased lines allow for rapid network expansion. They can be expensive, but they’re an investment in your company’s future growth.

MPLS VPLS (Site to Site)

MPLS VPLS (Site to Site)

Imagine a world where your internet connection is always on, and you can use it anywhere. With MPLS VPLS (Site to Site) technology this becomes possible!

How will our Data Services benefit your business?


Improved Data Sharing

The sharing of data has never been more effective. We use advanced analytics to provide you the best service possible for your needs. Whilst also protecting you from any problems that could arise.


Better Decision Making

Decision-making can be difficult without the right data. With so much information out there, it is important to find ways of managing all this properly in order for you make good decisions and avoid making bad ones.


Data Security

You as a business owner can rest assured knowing no one outside this company has access to what goes on inside.


Improved Efficiency

Slow internet is a thing of the past! With the latest internet offerings, see how we can get things moving quicker for you.


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