Embrace the Power of Digital Transformation: Revolutionising Your Print Services Experience

Written on 12.07.23

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At Aurora, we understand the importance of embracing digital transformation and staying ahead in today’s digital age is crucial for your business success. That’s why we’re excited to share how digital transformation can enhance your print services experience. In this article, we will explore the game-changing components of digital transformation—ECM, BPA, and ODS—and how they bring value to your organisation. 

What is ECM, BPA, AND ODS 

ECM (Enterprise Content Management), BPA (Business Process Automation), and ODS (Operational Data Store) are all key components of digital transformation initiatives. They share the common goal of leveraging technology to optimise business processes, improve efficiency, and enable data-driven decision-making within an organisation. 

These technologies aim to streamline and enhance various aspects of organisational operations: 

  • ECM focuses on managing and organising enterprise content, including documents, files, records, and other digital assets. It enables efficient storage, retrieval, collaboration, and secure sharing of content across departments and teams. 
  • BPA focuses on automating and optimising business processes to increase efficiency, reduce manual work, and improve overall productivity. It involves the use of software tools and technologies to streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and enforce consistent process execution. 
  • ODS serves as a central repository for operational data, integrating data from multiple systems to provide a unified view. It supports real-time or near real-time access to data, enabling organisations to monitor operations, perform analysis, and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. 

Embrace the Power of Digital Transformation: How our ECM, BPA, and ODS can focus your business objectives 

ECM (Enterprise Content Management)

Our ECM solution empowers you to take control of your print-related documents and streamline workflows. With efficient document capture, storage, and retrieval capabilities, you can access your print assets seamlessly and collaborate effortlessly. Experience improved document organisation, compliance, and productivity, enabling your team to focus on core business activities. 

BPA (Business Process Automation)

We revolutionise your print services with BPA, automating repetitive and manual tasks to drive efficiency and accuracy. By automating processes such as order processing, invoicing, and service requests, we minimise errors and accelerate turnaround times. Our BPA capabilities enhance your overall print services experience by reducing administrative burden and freeing up valuable resources. 

ODS (Operational Data Store)

With our ODS solution, gain real-time visibility into your print operations and make data-driven decisions. Track print volumes, monitor device performance, and proactively manage your print fleet. Leverage the power of actionable insights to optimise your print infrastructure, improve cost efficiency, and enhance service delivery. 

Harnessing the Synergy of Digital Transformation

While ECM, BPA, and ODS each offer unique advantages, their true potential comes from their seamless integration. By combining these technologies, we create a holistic ecosystem that empower you to optimise operations, drive efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.  

Experience the power of digital transformation with Aurora, and embark on a print services journey that propels your business towards success in the digital era. 

For more information on a range of our digital transformation services and products e-mail at or call us on 020 7503 3000.