Managed Print Services For Schools

Written on 31.10.22

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managed print for schools


Whether you’re looking to improve your existing printing infrastructure or implement managed print services from scratch, the benefits of these technologies make them an ideal choice for schools and universities.


Benefits of a Managed Print Service (MPS)

 At their core, Aurora’s managed print services are designed to help organisations optimise and streamline their printing processes. With services like cloud-managed printing and advanced analytics tools, managed print services provide several key benefits for schools and universities. This includes reduced downtime, increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, and more.

– Reduced downtime and improved efficiency: Slow printers to paper jams can increase the downtime of an organisation’s printers. This subsequently wastes a lot of employees’ time and energy. A managed print service can improve on these inefficiencies, by ensuring these common problems among others, rarely occur or are quickly resolved. This increased efficiency allows educators to focus more of their time on important tasks, rather than dealing with issues related to printing.

 – Streamlined workflows and improved collaboration: By implementing managed print services, schools and universities can streamline their workflows. MPS will assess its current system of printers, scanners, multifunction and other machines to establish what is and isn’t working. This allows educational facilities to adopt more effective and efficient workflow practices. Furthermore, with streamlined processes in place, educators can share documents easily and collaborate more effectively as a team.

 – Cost savings and reduced environmental impact: One of the biggest benefits of managed print services is the cost savings that they offer. Not only does MPS help reduce printing costs by optimising your existing infrastructure, but it will also have a knock-on effect on your environmental impact. You are able to reduce paper usage and encourage the use of more sustainable printing practices.


The takeaway

Overall, Aurora’s print services are an essential tool for schools and universities looking to optimise their printing processes and improve overall efficiency. Whether you’re looking to implement these services from scratch or simply optimise your existing infrastructure, the benefits of these technologies make them a must-have for educational institutions.


Aurora has now partnered with EnFrame – an innovative procurement framework provider focused on meeting the rapidly developing requirements of multi-academy trusts and the wider public sector.


The framework helps the education and wider public sector by taking the stress out of the full tendering process for each new supply contract. For more information on Enframe and our range of managed print services, visit our page here


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