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Multifunction Printer

Multifunction Printer

There are numerous types of printers available for businesses in the market – often varying in features and applications. A multifunctional printer combines features and functionalities of several printer devices into one machine. These are larger and robust in design, suitable for a range of businesses.

A multifunction printer (also known as MFP) is a piece of office equipment, consolidating capabilities such as printing, copying, faxing and scanning into a single device. These devices do much more than just print and copy documents!

Multifunction Printer: The Benefits

Multifunction Printer: What Are The Benefits?

Find out how MFP’s can benefit your business.


A multifunction printer offers convenience, having extra features that businesses might not otherwise get. For example, these printers often have integrated fax functions , meaning you do not have to invest in a separate fax machine.

Businesses also get the ability to scan and print any picture using this device. These features save time and effort by combining multiple devices into one machine.

Energy Efficiency

A big benefit of using a multifunction printer is the reducing energy consumption. By performing a variety of tasks with one machine, businesses no longer have to power multiple devices.

The requirement of one cable to power the device also reduces cable congestion, saves electricity and reduces costs.


Another benefit of a multifunction printer is saving costs from purchasing a single device that performs multiple tasks. Although the price of these devices often exceeds that of a traditional office printer, the overall cost will remain low from not having to purchase other machines.

Alongside this, multifunction printers reduce maintenance, saving businesses service costs. They also make it easy to digitise documents, minimising printing for the future.

Space Saving

No longer having to utilise multiple devices means that businesses will save space. Having one multifunction printer instead of 4-5 different printing devices means freer space within the office.


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