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In a world increasingly attuned to environmental responsibility, businesses are reevaluating their practices to minimise their ecological impact. Aurora, a leading UK business solutions provider, has emerged as a trailblazer in the quest for sustainability. Committed to not only meeting their own carbon reduction objectives but also aiding clients in achieving theirs, Aurora presents innovative solutions in Sustainable Print Management.

Why Choose Aurora for Sustainable Print?

At Aurora, customer-centricity is paramount. Collaborating closely with clients, Aurora tailors solutions to reduce the environmental impact of printing services. Our comprehensive approach encompasses efficiency solutions, waste reduction through end-of-life recycling programs, and cutting-edge Print Management Initiatives.

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Making a Difference with Print Management Solutions

We encourge savings through the digitalisation of processes and products. Our print management solutions not only slash hardware requirements by 15% but also reduce paper consumption and the reliance on toner cartridges. With fewer printers needed, Aurora estimates a 15% reduction in plastics. Our end-of-life services ensure responsible disposal, recycling 4,393kg of cartridges and toners last year alone.

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Eco-friendly Printers and Extended Service Life

Aurora’s supplied printers boast up to 50% recycled materials in their manufacturing process and an extended serviceable life of up to 7 years. This longevity translates to fewer disposals into landfills, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Reduce Paper Waste, Head-On

Despite the digital shift, the UK still consumes over 9.9 million tonnes of paper annually. Aurora addresses this by reducing clients’ paper waste by up to 25% through print management initiatives. Our software encourages eco-friendly practices, from double-sided printing to questioning the necessity of each print job. We also educate users on the tangible impact of their paper consumption on CO2 reduction.

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Reforestation and ESG Certification Support

Recognising the importance of sustainable forestry, Aurora actively supports reforestation efforts. Partnering with local conservationists, we contribute to replanting native trees, fostering biodiversity. Organizations pursuing ESG certification can leverage Aurora’s print management to meet carbon reduction targets and attain ISO 14:000 compliance, aligning with the growing global focus on environmental, social, and governance standards.

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