Creating a Smart Hybrid Workspace: Tips and Best Practices

Written on 29.06.23

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Defining your hybrid workspace policy

Before getting into a physical set-up, we recommend establishing a clear hybrid workspace policy to outline your business expectations, guidelines and procedures for remote and in-office work. This policy should address topics such as scheduling, communication channels, attendance and more.

Assessing tech requirements

To enable seamless collaboration between in-office and remote teams, invest in the right technology infrastructure. Evaluate your current tools and consider upgrading or adopting new solutions to enhance communication, project management and document sharing. We can help you set these up. We also have solutions for video conferencing and Microsoft Office 365, to keep your hybrid workspace effective.


Design your office space with flexibility in mind. Hot-desking is a new way to create hybrid workspaces, so ensure furniture is adaptable, open and there are private spaces around when employees want to break-out. Providing a mix of collaborative and individual workspaces promotes creativity and productivity.

Employee well-being

Establishing ergonomic guidelines and adjustable furniture and equipment supports physical health. Our Aurora Office website has lots of information and solutions to creating the perfect ergonomic set-up for your employees. Natural lighting, comfortable break-out areas and green spaces are also a great way to boost morale and promote positive mental health.

Collaboration and communication

Maintaining strong connections between remote, in-office and hybrid teams is vital for success. Virtual collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, are great ways to facilitate communication, file sharing and real-time updates. If you have a wide team, video meetings are a great way to keep departmental communications strong. 

Professional development

Provide opportunities for continuous learning and professional development, regardless of employees’ physical location. Offer virtual training programs, webinars, and mentorship opportunities to foster growth and skill enhancement. Promote a culture of learning by encouraging employees to share knowledge and resources, regardless of their work arrangement.

Creating a smart hybrid workspace requires careful planning and consideration. By defining clear policies, investing in technology, designing a flexible physical space, prioritising employee well-being, fostering collaboration, embracing agile practices, and promoting professional development, you can establish an environment that maximises productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction. As the work landscape continues to evolve, adapting and optimising your hybrid workspace will be key to staying competitive and attracting top talent.

Take a closer look at how data moves within your organisation now that you have remote endpoints. Discover how automation can simplify approval processes, ensuring smooth data flow between your office and remote staff. With cloud document management, you can eliminate obstacles like delays in processing internal documents between departments, ensuring seamless workflow across locations.

At Aurora, we have the perfect technology solutions to keep your hybrid workspaces effective. With telecoms, access systems, print management and more, we can help optimise your workspace for the perfect working solutions – no matter where your teams are!

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