The New Normal: Rethinking Print Management in a Remote Work Era 

Written on 25.03.24

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Print Management in a Remote Work Era 

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, prioritising efficiency and productivity is critical. Print management services streamlines document workflows and optimises printing processes. 

In the era of remote work, print management has shifted from being an organisational concern to a priority for employees. It is crucial to recognise the pivotal role that print management workflows play in developing document processes. Understanding the key components and benefits associated with an up-to-date print management workflow is fundamental to a workforce. This not only increases productivity but serves as a vital element in alleviating the risks present in an unmanaged work environment. 


What is Print Management? 

Print management provides valuable insight into device activity, enabling businesses to capture user data and monitor device operations, which in turn improves the  accessibility and efficiency of print-enabled devices. With print management services, internal resources are freed up to focus on the core business by removing the burden of dealing with the process, production and delivery of printed materials.  

In unmanaged environments, the lack of control poses risks to information security when dealing with documents containing sensitive or personal data, which can lead to increased costs. Office print management allows organisations to be more responsible with their data, by monitoring usage and introducing an audit trail for every document printed. Therefore reducing costs and the risks to brand and reputation. 


How Does Office Print Management Differ from Remote Work Print Management

Working in an office environment enables devices to be easily synced, creating a traceable system that monitors device print output. Accompanied with print management services that adhere to the specific requirements of your business, your overall workflow becomes more efficient. With more people working from home, individuals are buying their own printing systems and whilst this solves some problems it also creates new ones.The lack of uniformity of devices raises issues with data breach such as compatibility and increased risks in security, making it difficult to keep track of printing outside a traditional working environment. With new developments in technology however, companies can now monitor employees’ print output and set specific rules for their devices, without compromising on data security.


The Right Device

To maintain the right level of efficiency and productivity within your business, it’s essential to provide your team with devices suited to their job roles,  recognising that certain staff members may require functionalities beyond basic printing.These devices should be accompanied with appropriate print management services, providing a secure solution that aligns with GDPR requirements with minimum disruption to the  user experience. This approach enables companies to monitor work-related printing at home and store the information securely whilst limiting the risk of sensitive data being released. 


Reducing Waste 

In an office setting, companies are able to accurately measure the costs of paper, print and toner. When working remotely expenses may vary based on printer brands and the toner types employees are using. With print management businesses can implement set rules to reduce wastage and costs at home, mirroring the cost-control system used in an office setting. 


Charging Print Costs 

When managing multiple employees, devices and remote workers, tracking and allocating print costs can become time-consuming. To simplify the print process, print jobs can be assigned specific project codes, ensuring accurate and efficient allocation of print costs, fostering transparency and accountability in cost management.


What are the Benefits of Remote Work Print Management? 

With remote and hybrid work becoming increasingly more popular, it is essential to have a well-defined workflow. Print management workflow refers to the series of steps and processes involved in handling printing tasks within an organisation or work environment. Including document creation, printing, document security and cost management. A well-defined workflow ensures that printing is done efficiently, securely and in a cost-effective manner. 


Improved productivity and efficiency 

Automated workflows eliminates manual tasks and streamlines document routing, enabling employees to focus on their core tasks without disruption. The ability to print from anywhere to anywhere with security and tracking, allows workers to get the documents they need in a timely manner without  putting confidential information at risk. 


Enhanced security

Secure printing features such as secure pull printing and audit trails provide visibility into device activity, protecting sensitive information from unauthorised access even when outside of an office setting.


Reduced costs 

Optimising print processes minimises waste and unnecessary printing leading to significant savings. Predictive analytics visualises print and captures workflows, making it easier to manage costs when working remotely.

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Why Choose Aurora for Print Management Solutions 

Working with Aurora, a professional print management partner, decreases the risk of data breach and increased costs within your business through access to a fully managed and strategically sourced supply chain. With over 16 years of experience, we’ve built our business around our customers, providing bespoke solutions from the comfort of your home or office. We take pride in creating solutions that fit the specific needs of your organisation, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of service, prioritising quality, innovation and tailored customer solutions. Find out more about our Office in a Box for those who need to print at home but don’t want to think about the management of their printer.


If you’re looking to implement print management services into your workflow call us on 020 7503 3000 or email for the print management solutions best suited to your business.