Aurora Managed Services Chosen as Top Supplier by Charities Buying Group

Written on 05.03.24

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Aurora Managed Services are honored to announce our selection as the number one accredited supplier of the Charities Buying Group framework agreement (CBG)

Under this Framework, our partnership with CBG enables us to provide a comprehensive range of Managed Services tailored not just for charities and not-for-profits, but also for the wider eligible public sector bodies. You can find a list of these eligible users at Dukefield Procurement.


Our offering encompasses a variety of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. These solutions include multifunctional devices and printers, print management software, audio-visual supplies and services, document storage and distribution, Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), external printing, hybrid mail, mail management services, and scanning and archiving services.

The Charities Buying Group, established in 2002, focuses on reducing operational costs for not-for-profit organisations, thereby enabling them to allocate resources more effectively toward their missions. Leveraging collective purchasing power, CBG has negotiated agreements that cut costs while enhancing value.

As an accredited CBG supplier, Aurora is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to support these organisations in their digital transformation efforts. With our extensive portfolio and experience, we’re poised to drive significant advancements in this space.

Richard Pole, Aurora’s Enterprise Director of Sales, emphasises the transformative potential of the Framework in revolutionising print and digital transformation for charities and the public sector, highlighting the importance of managed services that enhance value and reduce resource expenditure in today’s environment.

Aurora Enterprise is excited to leverage our expertise and expand our service portfolio to shape the future of the CBG framework and the organisations it serves. Together, let’s drive innovation and progress. Contact the enterprise team directly via telephone on 0207 503 3065 or by email at