Aurora Partners with Verkada, Experts in Security.

Written on 22.03.23

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Who are Verkada?

Aurora partners with Verkada, experts in security.

We’re excited to be working with security systems specialist, Verkada, as part of our ICT division. Verkada are market leaders at helping organisations around the world protect their people and assets from harm and have revolutionized the way business’ use their security intercoms and CCTV – and are effectively doing to the security industry, what Netflix did to Blockbuster.

Verkada started in 2016 and have grown exponentially since, supplying the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Australia and New Zealand, with 14 offices worldwide. They currently work with many big household names in the UK such as Ocado group, GAIL’s, the NHS and Nando’s, to name a few.

Gone are the days of bulky, expensive and hard to maintain on premises, security equipment, as Verkada offers a simpler, streamlined approach in comparison. Their products offer intelligent alarm systems that elevate building management performance, all from one single platform – Command. Command allows businesses to incorporate all their building management tools through a whole ecosystem of hybrid cloud devices capable of local storage and offline operation. Imagine a whole eco system of security products that work together in unison and with ease, similar to Apple products – only with a 10-year guarantee on all their hardware.




Our customers will now be able to see Verkada’s product range of CCTV cameras, air quality and guest management systems, first-hand, at our Hertford showroom.

How Verkada’s products can help secure your business

Verkada’s products elevate building management performance through smart integrations with their cloud-based alarm systems. These systems include wired or wireless solutions to visitor management, such as door contact and motion detection. Additional features include environmental and air quality sensors that can also be integrated into an organisation’s security package, such as, glass break and water leak sensors, as well as vaping detection.

What’s more, is that Verkada includes 24/7 professional monitoring with unlimited video verification bundled into the Alarms license. This means that organisations have the option to use a dedicated team of trained security experts on standby, to review and respond to any alarm triggers or immediate threats.

The benefits of a Verkada security system for your business

Single Pane of Glass Monitoring

Verkada’s application, Command, allows companies to gain actionable insights from their security cameras and alarm systems through a centralized platform. This provides users with a complete picture of activity across all their sites, through all enabled devices.

Scale with simplicity

The intuitive user interface and intelligent automation of the Command app enables organsiations to add devices in minutes. Verkada products can be easily set up, ‘straight out of the box,’ with no service fees for setup or configuration changes.

Access Anywhere

Verkada’s cloud managed intrusion detectors allow organisations to manage physical security across all sites and locations, with complete ease. Users will be able to establish and respond to threats in real-time; arm and disarm alarms and view the status of all alarm devices, at the click of a button – from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

What does the future hold

Verkada is very much at the forefront of industry trends, when it comes to the safety and comfort of people within their physical environments, with its software-first approach to security.

This empowers people to take a more proactive approach to their safety with immediately accessible and intuitive products that provide real-time insights from a singular platform.

With all security devices interconnected, through a cloud-based platform and point-and click simplicity, it’s everything any organisation needs to protect at scale.

For more information on Verkada and its range of security products, e-mail or call 0207 503 3020