Business Process Automation: A Guide

Written on 14.07.23

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What Is Business Process Automation?

Business process automation (BPA) is the use of technology to automate the processes in a business. It can involve the automation of the manual tasks that are carried out routinely in a business, such as invoicing, payroll, accounts and customer service. Business process automation can help to streamline processes, make them more efficient and ensure they are carried out in the same way each time. It helps to make any processes with an organisation more reliable and efficient and can help to save time and money. At Aurora, we provide scalable and flexible solutions that are suited to your requirements. We can tailor a BPA plan to your company’s needs and budget – finding the best services for you.

Automatic Tasks

BPA can automate a variety of tasks related to organisational operations. This can include mundane tasks such as email marketing, customer service requests, data entry, data management, invoice processing, order entry, scheduling and other administrative tasks. Additionally, BPA can be used to automate more complex tasks such as document review, document analysis, risk management, compliance and financial transaction processing.

Benefits To Businesses

Automating elements of your business can improve efficiency, accuracy, reduce cost and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Tailored To Your Needs

We begin the process by gathering data about your business and
operations, as well as identifying key areas where BPA can reduce time, effort
and cost. We devote the time to collaborative meetings, brainstorming
and creating roadmaps and strategies to provide the best experience and results.


BPA is cost-effective by streamlining processes, improving data accuracy and
reducing headcount for manual labour. BPA simplifies and automates routine
tasks and improves data accuracy, resulting in cost savings, materials and
overheads. Additionally, it reduces human error and allows for processes to be
accomplished faster, thereby increasing organisational efficiency. BPA can
expedite processes and eliminate manual labour significantly, resulting in
reduced costs. Automated processes can also provide insight into the efficiency
of processes, allowing further optimisation and cost savings opportunities.


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