International Women’s Day 2023 – Elvira Ivan

Written on 08.03.23

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Part 2 of our International Women’s Day series – Elvira Ivan, Customer Success Advisor, London 

As part 2 of our international Women’s Day series, we meet Elvira Ivan, Customer Success Advisor. Although she originates from a background in law, she absolutely loves her job within the customer success team and working with such inspiring people, regardless of gender. Read about Elvira’s journey so far at Aurora.

Tell us a bit about yourself… 

I am 26 years old and I was born and raised in rural Romania in a small village surrounded by quiet nature and a close community. When I turned 18 I decided to explore new horizons so I came to the UK to study Law. I graduated in 2017 and since then I’ve tried various career paths from translation & interpretation to being a nursery and primary school teaching assistant. 

What’s it been like working at Aurora so far? 

My journey with Aurora has been very fulfilling as my managers have always ensured that I have access to the resources I need to learn and grow. Irrespective of the level of seniority, at Aurora everyone is just one phone call away, willing to help however difficult the task may be. I learn new things daily and I love the high level of independence in the role. 

How does it feel to work in a male dominated industry? 

It is brilliant as I’m sure it would’ve been in a female dominated industry too because I love what I do. I am surrounded by hardworking men with purpose who want to make a positive contribution to society and that is very inspiring. I do wish that more women will give this industry a shot so that we can benefit from double the talent and skills because diversity can bring immense value. 

What advice would you give to women wanting to enter a position like yours? 

I support you 100%! You will grow not only professionally, but most importantly, personally. You will develop listening skills, empathy, commercial awareness, effective decision making, and so many other qualities that will help you understand the world better. 

What is your proudest achievement whilst working at Aurora? 

Taking the risk of moving from Customer Care to Customer Success, which involves not only ensuring that our customers are happy with our products and services, and solving existing issues, but also proposing new packages based on their feedback and needs. It was the best decision to embrace this new layer of complexity in my work. 

Which women inspire you the most? 

Marie Curie – first woman to win a Nobel prize, Nadia Comaneci – first gymnast to be awarded a perfect 10.0 at the Olympic Games, and mom – first woman to create an entire world. 

How do you influence your colleagues around you and the wider business? 

By respecting our differences and working with them in a way that aims to produce the highest possible value. 

What does this year’s International Women’s Day theme #EmbraceEquity mean to you? 

To me it means that we should always embrace the fundamental idea of fairness which can only be achieved through objectivity and truth. We are inherently valuable and good, and we should continuously help to create an even playing field for each other. 

What do you love doing outside of work? 

I love to cook dishes from different cuisines. Also, I volunteer weekly on a food sharing platform called Olio where I redistribute food expiring on the day from various supermarkets and restaurants, within the local community. 

What 3 things motivate you? 

Family, personal development, prosperity. 

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