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Our Lady & St Gerards Presbytery

Written on 30.10.23

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Our Lady & St. Gerard’s Church is an integral part of the Diocese of Salford, committed to serving its community and congregation. This church and presbytery office is central to their mission, and efficient office operations are crucial.

The Challenge

Our Lady & St. Gerard’s Church was in need of a solution to improve the speed of their printing operations at their central office. As the deal was original print management contract was drawn up during covid, the Church’s print requirements had grown over time. They were using a Konica C257 printer, which produces 25 pages per minute took a considerable amount of time to produce booklets for “orders of service,” often monopolising their staff’s time at the machine.

The Approach

The church’s contract manager engaged with a contract assessment process when the church had reached the midpoint of its current contract. During an on-site evaluation meeting when the team were producing booklets. The contract manager observed the time-consuming nature of the process and decided to explore alternatives.

The Solution

The contract manager was able to obtain a lightly used Konica Bizhub C558 from Aurora’s inventory, which had minimal prior use. This new equipment boosted the church’s printing capacity by more than 100%, leading to a high level of satisfaction among the church staff. Furthermore, the integration of a WiFi card reader into the machine streamlined the printing process for staff using laptops, eliminating the necessity for USB drives.

The collaborative effort between Aurora and the church resulted in a tailored solution that met the church’s need for improved printing speed without imposing a substantial financial burden.

The Outcome

The successful installation of the new printing equipment, despite typical IT connection challenges, has provided Our Lady & St. Gerard’s Church with a fully operational, high-speed printing system. The partnership with Aurora Solutions continues to benefit the church by maintaining a productive and cost-effective office environment.

In summary, Our Lady & St. Gerard’s Church faced a printing efficiency challenge due to their print needs increasing since their congregation’s return, after covid. This issue was effectively addressed through collaboration with their account manager, during their regular account assessment, resulting in an outcome that has significantly improved the speed of their print operations.

Customer Testimonial

“Aurora are very quick to respond, punctual, clear answers without jargon, our Contract Manager was polite and easy to communicate with and the installation of new machine went well with the usual IT connection issues but everything is working great.”

Anna Thornhill – Parish Secretary

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