Introducing Sign In App: Revolutionising Workplace Efficiency and Safety

Written on 24.10.23

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At Aurora, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation that is set to redefine the way businesses manage their visitor and staff sign-in processes – introducing the Sign In App. Operating seamlessly in 60 countries across the globe, this cutting-edge application is not just an app; it’s a comprehensive solution designed for the modern workplace.

Global Presence and Infrastructure

The Sign In App boasts a robust global presence with data centres strategically located in London, Stockholm, Sydney, California, North Virginia, and Montreal. Serving over 15,000 customer sites, the app facilitates a smart and secure way for an average of 465,000 individuals daily to sign in.

Versatility for the Modern Workplace: The Benefits of Sign-In App

Designed for the demands of the modern workplace, the Sign In App offers a range of flexible tools, including visitor management with staff and contractor sign-in and desk and meeting room booking. This comprehensive suite of services enables businesses to effectively:
Manage visitor and contractor access
Oversee staff time and attendance
Manage any remote staff
Manage hybrid staff
Be notified of capacity/density
Manage space, desk, meeting room or car park bookings
Mange any events
Oversee emergency evacuations and
Manage GDPR compliance.

GDPR Compliance

Sign In App adheres to GDPR regulations, ensuring that personal data is handled ethically and securely. With compliance based on key GDPR articles, including data minimisation, consent withdrawal rights, clear affirmative acts for consent, and ensuring data relevance and adequacy, businesses can trust Sign In App to prioritise data protection.

Seamless Sign In Experience

One of the standout features of Sign In App is its seamless sign-in experience. Whether through smartphone contactless sign-in, RFID, or QR code scanning, the app offers multiple options for organisations to choose what suits them best. It supports millions of users each year, making it a trusted choice for businesses worldwide.

Control, Convenience, and Compliance

With Sign In App, you have total control of your data, striking the right balance between safety and privacy. The app ensures a hassle-free experience with a simple subscription model that includes unlimited features, regular updates, and no limits on users, visitors, devices, or sign-ins.

Staff Sign In Feature

Sign In App isn’t just for visitors; it caters to your staff and internal departments too. The sign in app delivers a staff sign-in solution that enhances emergency preparedness, records working hours, and empowers staff with a free companion app for convenience.

A Comprehensive Solution with Unlimited Features

Sign In App offers a complete solution with unlimited staff, users, visitors, sites, kiosks, questions, messages, videos, and more. Its scheduling feature is proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%, providing a customisable and accessible appointment booking solution.

Key Features of Sign In Scheduling:

Take bookings and payments online: Streamline your booking and payment processes for a more efficient workflow.

Automated messaging: Reduce no-shows with automated reminders via SMS, email, or voice messages, enhancing communication with your visitors.

Manage multiple sites from one central portal: Simplify the management of multiple locations through one centralised platform, ensuring consistency and control.

Sign In App is not just a sign-in solution; it’s a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance efficiency, safety, and compliance in their daily operations. Join the millions who have already embraced Sign In App and experience a new era of workplace management.

Sign up today for a smarter, safer, and more streamlined future.