4 Copiers to Meet Business Sustainability Goals for 2023

Written on 12.01.23

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In this article, we discuss 4 copiers to meet business sustainability goals for 2023

Sustainability has gathered some serious attention over the last couple of years. Additionally, companies are pledging to become net zero, in the not-so-distant future, among other initiatives that will have a positive impact on the world that we live in.

With sustainability in mind, companies are looking to suppliers for more responsibly sourced products – manufactured in ethical, environmentally sustainable, and socially conscious ways, such as choosing recycled packaging materials. However, it can be quite a minefield to navigate the multitude of suppliers that claim to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Some key aspects associated with sustainability are carbon neutrality and a circular economy and there are three printer suppliers paving the way.

This blog explores the various printer manufacturers that can help you meet your company’s sustainability goals and save your organisation time, money, and energy.

Meet the companies paving the way in sustainability 


From the beginning of its product lifecycle, Ricoh has taken the initiative from early in the circular economy process, having introduced their very own comet circle concept. The Comet Circle concept was established in 1994, incorporating the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Ricoh are creating products that have been recycled and resupplied from the same market. This results in reducing the amount of new materials introduced into the manufacturing process, creating a catalogue of products that are lighter and more compact that consume fewer resources – both in resources and manufacturing like energy and water.

However, Ricoh still upholds its commitment to supplying customers with sustainable products without compromising productivity. Ricoh’s mission is to ‘harness technology to boost productivity’ with product offerings, such as production printers, along with software and apps to help organisations become more streamlined and agile.

For more information on Ricoh’s circular economy products and how they can benefit your organisation, visit Ricoh’s website.

Ricoh printerRicoh printer

Ricoh: IM C4500


Canon extends its own sustainability goals to supporting customers achieve their own through the ongoing development of innovative products and services, such as their inkjet presses – using sustainable and/or recycled materials and energy efficient manufacturing processes, which in turn produces less waste and chemical free production.

These products deliver a multitude of environmental benefits during its lifetime, which include no ozone and negligible emissions of volatile organic compounds, and this is due to their ultra-long life piezo print heads and water-based pigment inks. The low energy consumption of their inkjet presses also meets the Nordic Swan requirements, enabling customers to achieve Nordic Swan Ecolabel 041 certification.

For more information on Canon’s low emission products and their advantages to your company’s own sustainability goals, visit Canon’s website..

Canon printerCanon printer

Canon: imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3226i

Konica Minolta

As part of their sustainability strategy Konica Minolta participates in the 50 Climate Leaders, that plays a crucial role in combating climate change, which is one of the most immediate global concerns and a part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

One way of Konica honouring this commitment, is by already having its European HQ at Langenhagen, Germany, go carbon neutral. They have also gone one step further by introducing the Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme, partnering with the international climate protection expert, ClimatePartner, since 2015, that has ensured the transparency and resilience of the programme. This enables customers to meet their environmental targets: reducing their carbon footprint, demonstrating their commitment to climate protection and improving their corporate image.

Eleven countries have already joined this effort, offsetting more than 10 million kilogrammes of CO2 and customers receive an emissions certificate stating the amount of CO2 emissions saved.

For more information on how Konica Minolta can help your organisation devise more strategies to become carbon neutral, visit Konica’s website.

Konica Minolta printerKonica Minolta printer

Konica Minolta: bizhub C550i


Lexmark has been focused on reusing resources for 30 years. In 1991, They started reclaiming material through the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP) and have been creating postconsumer recycled (PCR) plastic in their closed-loop process for 10 years.

With their commitment to a circular economy, they also help businesses focus their operational activities to achieve the same, and Lexmark are the founding members of the European Remanufacturing Council (CER). Also, being a part of this membership provides Lexmark with the opportunity to share with other businesses how to extend product life and retain valuable materials and this is so true of Lexmark’s products, designed with durability and the intentional engineering of long-life devices in mind.

Longer-life devices conserve limited resources, reduce waste going to landfills and lower carbon emissions. Lexmark has reused over 35 million kilograms of recovered cartridge materials since 1996 by converting millions of used toner cartridges into Lexmark-certified reconditioned toner cartridges.

For more information on how Lexmark carbon neutral products, click here.

Lexmark printerLexmark printer

Lexmark: Carbon neutral MC3326i

Aurora are proud to be working with partners that promote sustainability, providing solutions to reduce impact on the environment.

We’re working towards becoming net zero by 2035 and hope to help organisations reach their own net zero goals, with a range of the latest technology in print and digital transformation.

For more information on products that can help keep your company on track to reach its net zero goals or other sustainability initiatives, call us on 020 7503 3000 or e-mail us on