Managed Print Services Explained

Managed Print Services

Cutting through all the jargon and buzzwords, our guide to what is a managed print service will help explain all you need to know. Aurora Managed Services offers the best Print Management Services for SMEs, corporate organisations plus the Public Sector, if you want to find out more, contact us here.

Aurora are proud to work with some of the best names in the industry, Canon, Lexmark and Konica Minolta to name a few and offer a range of services including customer services plans, telecoms and IT services.

The Definition of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services, also known as MPS, are services that cover all aspects of company printing, often resulting

 in saving time and money. Aurora Managed Services will analyse our clients requirements for printing, bringing you more visibility and control of their print production. Our services mean less printing, reduced use of ink, reduced paper and less energy used. Aurora has recently taken our next exciting step on our own ESG journey, you can read more about our full Environmental, Social and Governance Report for 2022.

We also manage devices including multifunctional devices like printers scanners & fax machines. Alongside this, we provide workflow solutions and document management that can help with business print management.

What’s included with a Managed Print Service?

  • Evaluate company print requirements

We evaluate aspects of the client’s requirements, including printing, copying, faxing and scanning. We do this to help businesses understand what is being printed from where, and if you have any unnecessary or overworked devices. It can also identify what is being printed and whether it is a necessity to print.

  • Aiding with desktop printers

An important beginning step to MPS is identifying the use of local or desktop printers, as they can be costly compared to multifunctional print devices. These printers are rarely networked, making them inadequate for a typical business environment. They also often take ink toner cartridges that are costly – causing purchasing issues.

  • Combining printing devices for businesses

Evaluating company print management can also showcase where businesses may have too many multifunctional devices. We can identify where companies are not using devices efficiently, saving costs by reducing the amount of devices to be maintained.

  • Placement and efficiency of print devices

This can have a significant impact on what is being printed. We help organise your devices by making them accessible for an appropriate amount of employees – reducing the amount of employees to one device as a workflow solution. We also identify which devices need replacing with a more efficient solution.

  • Supply delivery

Through MPS, automating toner supplies has never been easier. Aurora Managed Services monitor all print devices and will ship new toner when devices are running low. This frees up time from ordering and ensures devices do not run out of ink. You can order toner with us here.

  • Mobile printing environments

Providing mobile printing allows employees to access devices, even out of the office. With hybrid working, cloud-based printing and mobile printing services are more necessary than ever.

No matter your requirements, our expert team of specialist are always on hand to help. If you want to know more about our Managed Print Services or simply have a question, get in touch with us below.

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