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Written on 02.05.23

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After the successful launch of our Hertford solutions hub, we have just launched a second showroom at our Coventry offices. This makes our solutions offering more accessible to our customers in the North of England, and we hope to roll out more showrooms throughout the year.

Typical of our solutions services hub, we want to demonstrate to our customers how their organisations can work more productively and efficiently with a range of market leading software integrated into our top spec printers.

You can expect to see a slightly different offering at our Coventry showroom with a variety of cloud-based software from Printix, UniFlow Online, as well as Papercut Hive.

Our document management offering consists of Docuware  and File director, and we can also provide demos on MyQ-X,  My-Q Roger and Control Suite.

To diversify our hardware offering, we have completely different MFDs to those that are on display at our Hertford hub, with a Konica Minolta c3350i, Ricoh IM350 and Canon c256i.

Coventry Solutions Hub

With a combination of energy efficient, top spec hardware integrated with smart solutions to workflow and document management, you will be able to see how these solutions can have an incredible impact on your organisation’s bottom line.

How do cloud based solutions benefit your business?

Cloud-based solutions have recently grown in popularity, with applications such as secure, mobile and guest printing and its concept of print from anywhere, anytime and from any device. This is due to the flexibility and scalability that it offers organisations. You never pay for more than what you need and expenses are kept in line with company growth and can be downgraded just as easily.

End-users can access all their data and documents, simply, from any device that has an internet connection, whether from their office desktop or home laptop in real-time, as updated information syncs across all devices. Upfront infrastructure costs are also a thing of the past, as on-premises hardware and software licenses are no longer needed, along with the maintenance and repair of equipment.

Another advantage to cloud based solutions is zero trust utilised in cloud computing. Security is greatly increased, as principles adopted by this security model assume that all devices and systems, both inside and outside of a network, are potentially compromised and therefore should not be trusted by default. As a result access to resources require strong authentication and authorization mechanisms.

How do document management solutions benefit your business?

The main draw for document management is that it helps organisations go paperless. It captures, tracks and centrally stores documents electronically, rather than printing and physically archiving them. This reduces company costs, as there’s less of a need for physical storage space, printing and consumables. This method also adds a layer of security through document encryption, by restricting access to authorized users.

As well as the lower cost of operations and added security, it also offers advantages in terms of information retrieval, and governance. As records management is becoming more of a legal imperative, document management systems help organizations to comply with industry regulations.

Overall, document management solutions can help organizations to become more efficient, collaborative, secure, and compliant, while also reducing costs and minimizing risk. Coupled with a cloud based solution (as mentioned above) you also have access to unlimited storage.

Whether you want to upgrade your software to centrally manage documents, reduce consumable costs and/or access documents remotely and securely, we’ll have a solution for your business. Come and visit us at our Coventry solutions hub and see how your workflow processes can work better for you.

For more information on an array of various workflow solutions, arrange a visit or call us on 020 7503 3000 or e-mail at