Introducing SafeWeb: Dark Web Monitoring

Written on 23.05.24

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Introducing SafeWeb: Aurora Managed Services’ Latest Innovation in Dark Web Monitoring

In today’s digital age, protecting your company’s data is more critical than ever. Aurora Managed Services is proud to introduce SafeWeb, the newest addition to our portfolio. SafeWeb is a monitoring system designed to scan the dark web continuously, alerting you to any breaches of your data. This proactive service monitors for sensitive information such as passwords, emails, and credit card details, ensuring that you stay one step ahead of potential cyber threats.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a hidden part of the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines and requires specific software to access. It is often associated with illicit activities and is a marketplace for stolen data, illegal goods, and services. This shadowy realm poses significant risks to businesses, as over 22 billion stolen data records currently exist on the dark web. Alarmingly, 78% of new SafeWeb users have discovered breached data they were previously unaware of, highlighting the prevalence and danger of data leaks.


Understanding Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is the process of actively scanning and tracking activities on this hidden segment of the internet. SafeWeb performs continuous scans to detect any mentions or exposures of your organisation’s sensitive data. Should SafeWeb identify any potential threats, it will send immediate breach notifications and provide monthly reports, helping you maintain control over your data security.


Can I Get My Data Back?

While it’s not possible to retrieve your data once it’s been compromised, SafeWeb can significantly reduce the risk of further harm. By alerting you to breaches as soon as they occur, SafeWeb allows you to take swift action. This might include changing compromised credentials, locking down affected accounts, and reviewing access and data records. These steps are crucial in mitigating the potential damage and preventing additional threats.


What Happens If I Don’t Act After a Data Breach?

Ignoring a data breach can have severe consequences. Hackers may exploit your compromised accounts to steal money, often resulting in irreversible financial losses. Additionally, they might hold your accounts ransom, disrupt core critical services, or even expose your sensitive data publicly. Such actions can cause significant harm to your business’s reputation and operations.


Why Choose SafeWeb?

Aurora Managed Services understands the paramount importance of keeping your data secure. With SafeWeb, you gain a robust defence against the ever-evolving threats of the digital underworld. Our service offers immediate alerts and comprehensive monthly reports, ensuring you are always informed and prepared to act.


We are confident in the value SafeWeb brings to your business, which is why we are offering a free trial month for all new users. If you believe your organisation could benefit from SafeWeb, we invite you to contact us today. Let Aurora Managed Services help you safeguard your business and maintain peace of mind in an increasingly uncertain digital landscape. To find out more call 020 7503 3020 or email