The Environmental Benefits of Using Print Management Solutions

Written on 31.01.24

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Managed Print Services Benefits

Workplace environments are ever-changing but the constant need for print remains the same. As a medium that can be utilised to reach anyone anywhere, there is an increased demand for print management solutions. 

Increased Efficiency

Print management increases the efficiency of workflow within businesses, removing the need for employees to be involved in print-related tasks. Internal resources are freed up to prioritise important jobs, preventing the burden of handling the process, production and delivery of printed materials.

Cut Down on Costs

There is the potential for significant savings and access to the latest technology and innovations. Managed print services provide an efficient and traceable system that monitors your printer output, preventing unnecessary usage and increased costs. 

Protect your Data

Print management services will provide access to each stage of the print process, enabling for transparent reporting and insightful information. This prevents exposure to information security when dealing with documents containing sensitive or personal data, reducing the risk to brand reputation. 

Reduce your Office’s Environmental Footprint

Invest in the latest technology in order to use less energy and efficiently manage your printer output with our print management solutions. Helping your office go paperless and achieve your ESG goals. Read our ESG report from 2023 to see how our services can impact your business

Managed Print Services 

Managed print solutions enable organisations to improve their efficiency, productivity and information security. Through the monitoring of print usage, replacing consumables and meeting the unique needs of the business. Managed print services and their features will vary on the provider. At Aurora our services encompass a wide range of print management solutions from Cloud print to Mobile to print reporting.


  • Cloud print allows you to print documents securely and efficiently from anywhere through cloud computing. 
  • Secure Print, prints exactly what you need, when and where it is needed, without wasting time or resources.
  • Mobile print enables you to print from any device, resulting in faster workflows and increased productivity. 
  • Print reporting provides valuable insights into printing costs and usage patterns, managing print output and unnecessary costs. 


Managed Print Services: The Environmental Benefits 

Not only does print management have its benefits within the office but it is also beneficial to our environment. Optimising your organisation’s approach to printing, scanning and technology reduces your environmental impact, with less paper waste, energy and sustainable services. 

Advances in toner chemistry, recyclable parts and sustainable manufacturing contribute to businesses’ fulfilling sustainability strategies. Office print management opens up your business to introduce more sustainability into your workflow. Managed print services use data collection tools and printer usage policies, monitoring print output and unnecessary printing resulting in less paper consumption. Your MSP partner, such as Aurora, can advise you on energy-efficient printers saving money on energy bills, which can be accompanied with recyclable toner cartridges to reduce waste.  

If you’re looking to implement more sustainability into your business call us on 020 7503 3000 or email for the print management solutions best suited to your business.