Aurora Reaches its One – Year Anniversary

Written on 04.04.23

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Cause for Celebration!

We’re so appreciative to have reached this milestone, especially through trying times. Aurora’s One – Year Anniversary is all thanks to our 280 strong staff, as well as the many amazing customers that have embarked on this journey with us.

How are We Celebrating Aurora’s One Year – Anniversary?

In honour of this momentous occasion, we’ve gifted all of our staff across 5 sites – London, Blackburn, Coventry, Hertford and Ipswich, with customised Aurora branded, 1-year anniversary cupcakes.

Aurora’s One – Year Anniversary just so happens to also ties in nicely with our recently inaugurated event, The Annual Spring Conference, that also falls in April. This event is a chance for us to unite all areas of the business, celebrate our successes and show gratitude to our staff for their continued hard work and dedication to providing excellent service to our customers. This year’s conference will be sponsored by Konica Minolta, Siemens and BNP.

Aurora's One – Year Anniversary

The Beginnings of Aurora

The launch of Aurora has given the company a bit of a ‘shake up’, with innovative ideas being put in place by our recently appointed CEO, Andy Moffitt. Andy came on board at the beginning of Aurora’s journey, actually introducing the rebrand and concocting the name. According to Andy, he was researching Greek mythologies of a weekend (as you do) and absolute gold had struck him, when he discovered the name, Aurora. Aurora signifies, a new dawn, and with this concept, the rebirth of our company came about.

This rebirth has reshaped Aurora’s Policies for the better. It’s introduced a roadmap to achieving our ESG goals and ISOs, in order to ensure that we are one of the best managed print service providers in the industry. This is further supported by our partnership awards, meaning we are able to offer our customers the best possible value propositions from some big players in the print and telecoms industry – Konica Minolta, Canon, Lexmark and Gamma.

New building blocks have also been created in the form of 5 new pillars – We put customers first, We are one team, We lead, We grow together, We care, and our successes have largely been centred around this brand new ethos. As a result we have been able to pay it forward, by contributing to some really worthy local causes.

Aurora's One – Year Anniversary

Aurora’s Charities

All of last year, we held multiple fundraising events to raise money for The Veteran’s Aid Fund and The Isabel Hospice. There were bake-offs, sporting event days and a Christmas quiz among others, and at the beginning of this year, we were able to present our chosen charities with their cheques for all the money raised. We managed to raise £3387.71 for The Veteran’s Aid Fund and £3387.17 for The Isabel Hospice. Going into our second year, we hope to do the same for our 2 new chosen charities, Shine a Light and The Halo Children’s Foundation.

Aurora's One – Year Anniversary

Aurora’s Growth

Due to our rapid growth within the last year, we have also acquired a lot more staff and product, expanding on our portfolio and our offices and warehouse at our Hertford HQ. We’ve also acquired new offices in Reading, and set up 3 digital solutions hubs at Hertford, Coventry and Ipswich, as well as a Telecoms hub at Hertford.

We’ve taken on board new suppliers, security specialists, Verkada and ICT Technology and framework supplier, EnFrame.

Verkada are industry leading experts in security and smart building management solutions, and their CCTV products and alarm systems can be seen at our Hertford Telecoms hub. EnFrame is a Community Interest Company (CIC) underpinned by a desire to change how public sector procurement works and fight climate change. Both companies values align with that of our own, and we’re excited to have them on board.

What Does the Future Hold?

This year, will also see the growth of our Enterprise division, with a resurgence in our digital transformation solutions and workplace management offering, specifically designed for Enterprise.

All of this is in pursuit of keeping up with customer demand, growing organically and moving with the times, and we plan to stay ahead of the game for the foreseeable future.

If you’d like to learn more about us and our managed print services and digital transformation solutions, email: or call on 020 7503 3000.